Workplace etiquette; a ‘Good Manners Guide’


How you behave in the workplace can sometimes do more harm than good. To gain respect and build a good reputation you need to be self-aware and pay attention to your behaviour in the workplace.

Being approachable, friendly and considerate of others… after all, good manners cost nothing!

Here’s our ‘Good Manners Guide’;

  • Properly greet or acknowledge people – even if it’s the first time you’ve met – there’s no harm in making eye contact, giving them a smile or saying “hello”.
  • Don’t forget to say please and thank you – politeness can be easily neglected, but it’s so simple to do!
  • Avoid disrupting or distracting others in the workplace – talking loudly, interrupting conversations or having non-work-related conversations should be avoided.
  • Lend colleagues a hand – refill the printer if you notice its out of paper, offer to make a drink or hold doors open if someone is walking behind you.
  • Stick to your commitments – arrive to work on time, don’t be late for meetings and only take allocated breaks.

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