Rudolph & Hellmann Automotive
Find out more about the roles we have available with Rudolph & Hellmannn Automotive

About Rudolph & Hellmann

Rudolph & Hellmann Automotive is a specialist in providing onsite logistics services and managing large time sensitive warehouses, direct production line feeds, and sub assembly operations.

Their experience is predominantly in the auto manufacturing industry and operate at a number of sites across the UK. They currently employ over 1000 staff in their operations.

Working for Rudolph & Hellmann

As a PMP associate at Rudolph & Hellmann Automotive, you will be working in an automotive manufacturing operation that runs 24/7 across a 3 shift pattern. 

You will be coming into a lively working environment and there will be overtime available to maximise the operational needs. You will also have sickness and holiday cover throughout the year.

The atmosphere at Rudolph & Hellmann is full of hardworking individuals and you will be working in a clean, fast-paced setting.
Pre/post 12+ weeks:
Rotating 7.5hrs days - £9.63 / £9.94 15+ Months £10.30

Pre/post - nights - 12+ weeks:
Rotating 7.5hrs  - £10.74 / £11.08 - 15+ Months £11.67

Permanent - pre/post 12+ weeks:
11.25hrs Days - £8.69 / £9.29

Permanent - nights - pre/post 12+ weeks:
11.25hrs - £10.26 / £11.1
7.5 hours paid double rotating day shift: 
06:00 - 13:30
13:30 - 21:00

7.5 Hours paid permanent night shift:
21:00 - 04:30

11.25 hour paid day shift:
05:45 - 17:30 

11.25 hour paid night shift:
 17:45 to 05:30
There are loads of perks to working for Rudolph & Hellmann, some of them include: 
  • Site canteen
  • Lockers/Storage areas to keep personal belongings
  • Off road car parking
  • Colleague engagement events throughout the year

Find a role perfect for you

Warehouse Operative
As a Warehouse Operative you will be responsible for checking and scanning parts whilst ensuring quality processes are to adhered to. 
Tow Truck Driver
As a Tow Truck Driver you will be responsible for delivering parts to the production line in an effective and timely manner.
 ForkLift Driver
As a Forklift Driver you will be responsible for deliveries inbound/outbound, stock putaway, and the role may requrire you to be inside or outside.
VDU Operator
As a VDU Operator you will be responsible for accountability for location and quantity of parts. You will also need to issue quick picks if needed.
Virtual Hiring
We've implemented virtual hiring across our network to make it easier than ever to apply for a job wih Rudolph & Hellmann. All aspects of the application can be done from the comfort of your own home using whatever device you want.

Hear from our colleagues...

"Managers in my area are fully committed to providing a safe working environment."

"I get regular feedback from my agency in regards to changes on-site for example with Covid-19 measures." 
"I am given all the support I need for my role from management and my Agency."