Food Production Operatives working on a biscuit line
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Biscuit production for pladis including McVitie's, Ulker and GODIVA

About Pladis

Pladis is a renowned British confectionery and chocolate company that began its inception back in 1944 in a small Istanbul based bakery by the Ulker brothers. The company, in its 300 years of family baking and confectionery experience, brings together some of the finest bakers and chocolatiers and proudly encompasses world's most loved food brands like McVitie's, Ulker and Godiva. 

Working for Pladis

At Pladis, each individual's contribution is valued. Pladis colleagues have deep rooted thoughts of being the best at what they do, no matter which part of the world they are in. The company strives on its 5 principles of 'Winning Traits & Behaviours': Purpose Led, Agile, Collaborative, Positive and Resilient. An environment of inclusion and diversity forms the core of their business, with a clear focus on making Pladis world's most loved baking and confectionery brands. 
Food production operatives working at pladis on a food production biscuit line

Our People

After more than 7 years of working with the company, I can say that there is always something to learn and opportunities to develop new skills. I am a DC since few years and recently got a permanent contract with Pladis. But I have worked with the company through PMP agency since a very long time. All I can say is that they have always been helpful and supportive. 
Bhargavi Shammikapur
Production Operative
Pladis, Wigston
I have been working at Pladis since 2019. The company provides a friendly environment to work in, with the onsite agency PMP whose staff members are always there to help. Pladis always provides opportunities to learn and develop. I became a DC for a few years and then got a permanent contract with Pladis but have worked with the company through the PMP agency which has always been a great experience.
Sandhya Kishan
Production Operative
Pladis Wigston
Pladis is a good place to work for. I have made many friends while working here. I have been working with the company since 2008. It is a great place to learn, meet new people and socialise. Pladis is a good company to work for, they are always on site available to answer any queries I have. I look forward to being a part of this company for many years to come.
Manisha Mistry
Production Operative
Pladis Wigston
I have always been glad to be part of Pladis. I started working with the company in 2017. It is an amazing company to work with, to learn and progress. I was lucky to get training for a grade position which allowed me to earn more and helped with my confidence because I felt that I can learn and achieve and maybe even apply for a better position in the future. I have been employed by PMP for a few years and the staff at Pladis has always been supportive. I feel part of a big family while working here.
Vishal Jagjivan
Production Operative
Pladis, Wigston
I joined PMP and Pladis in 2018. I really enjoy my job. The people I met here became great friends so working here is fun. Pladis has always encouraged me to try new things and learn new skills, which I am really glad about. I am now a machine minder at Pladis and greatly enjoy my job and position. Plus the advantage of working weekdays and having weekends off because I get to spend time with my family and friends. 
Manoj Deugi
Production Operative
Pladis, Wigston

Want to work for Pladis? Know their sites...

pladis Carlisle 54 Church St, Carlisle CA2 5TG Interested?
Yael Steinman
pladis Tollcross 720 Tollcross Rd, Glasgow G32 8UD, United Kingdom Interested?
Stefani Germanotta
pladis Halifax 160 Hopwood Ln, Halifax HX1 3YA, United Kingdom Interested?
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Bradley Pitter
Pladis Manchester Crossley Rd, Stockport, Manchester M19 2SD, United Kingdom Interested?
Bradley Pitter
Pladis Liverpool Aintree Long lane,Liverpool
L9 7BQ, United Kingdom
Bradley Pitter
pladis Wigston Canal St, South Wigston, Wigston LE18 4PQ, United Kingdom Interested?
Biscuit food production line for pladis

Find your next role as a
Food Production Operative...

  • The role is an exciting and active role picking and packing biscuits on a production line

  • Manual handling or lifting may be required

  • The role will be in a fast-paced and team environment
  • Using MHE (Material Handling Equipment) as required