Four ways to get happy at work


Happiness in the workplace has become increasingly important. It can help companies build a strong brand, create an excellent corporate reputation, improve employee and client retention rates, motivate colleagues and ensure that they feel valued.

Here are four ways we suggest colleagues and employers stay happy at work.

1 – Take charge of your own development.

Don’t be afraid to have ambitions and strive towards your dream career. Expose yourself to more, ask plenty of questions, and say yes to every opportunity; attend a training course, participate in e-learning and expand your knowledge.

At PMP, we are committed to investing in the future of our internal colleagues and have introduced a new and improved personal development review (PDR) process which will ensure every individual is mentored, nurtured and developed throughout their career.

We have also embraced the apprenticeship scheme, creating new training programmes to upskill our people.

2 – Avoid negativity.

Always be positive at work. If you are confronted with negative issues, try to think about what you can do to make a difference.

At PMP Recruitment, we encourage employees to engage with fun activities and unite as a team to do the right thing. Our branch and onsite teams organised different fundraising events such as bake sales, sponsored head shaving, a football competition, pyjama dress down days etc. to support a range of charities.

In 2017, we raised a grand total of £10,685 from a variety nationwide PMP fundraising events. This was donated to Unseen whose mission, like ours is to stamp out modern day slavery.

3 – Employee benefits

Providing employee benefits is proven to enhance workplace happiness and improve employee retention. At PMP Recruitment, we provide our employees with a range of benefits based on their performance and type of employment.                                                                                                 
For example, we enter our permanent staff into a discount scheme – The Reward CORD, to help colleagues save money on various things such as beauty, retail, leisure and travel.

4 – Provide employees with a support system.

Providing a support system in the workplace is an integral part of a company’s culture. It comes in different forms and employers can support workers in many different ways.

At PMP Recruitment, we offer the reverse mentoring scheme to benefit both young employees and older. Some of the youngest, less experienced people in our businesses may have the most knowledge and skills in a particular area. For example getting to grips with social media. Sharing knowledge in this way helps both parties be more productive individually, strengthens internal relations and build a stronger team.