10 innovative ways to improve workplace productivity


We have all uttered the words; “there just isn’t enough hours in the day”, and although this might genuinely feel like the case, by working smarter you can make the most out of the time you have… without any dreaded overtime or allnighters!

Here are some hints and tips from PMP to help you improve workplace productivity:

  • Have a good night’s sleep. Getting enough sleep can improve your concentration and won’t make you feel exhausted at work.

  • Track and be realistic about how much time a task takes. An awareness of time means better planning and more accurate allocation of focus for each task.

  • Don’t have your personal mobile phone out. It will easily distract you… you can catch up with your correspondance in your lunch break.

  • Take regular breaks. Breaks help maintain good concentration and a constant level of performance.

  • Plan ahead and set yourself deadlines. To-do lists and deadlines really helps you organise your goals and map out your day.

  • Follow the two-minute rule. If a task can be done in two or less minutes action it straight away – this will take less time than going back to it later.

  • Minimise interruptions and distractions. If you work in a loud environment where people are talking and discussing – relocate to a calmer, quieter place.

  • Don’t multitask. Attempting to do multiple tasks at once can result in lost time and productivity – get in the habit of committing to a one task at a time.

  • Take advantage of your commute. Instead of gaming or Facebooking, use the time to catch up on emails or write your to-do list.

  • Be proactive, not reactive. Set aside time for responding to emails rather than inbox watching.

Productivity is crucial to your success – the smallest change can have the biggest impact.